Lubricants and other chemicals for wire drawing and metal surface treatment - Lubrificanti ed altri prodotti chimici per la trafilatura ed il trattamento superficiale dei metalli - Lubrificantes e outros produtos químicos para a trefilagem e tratamento superficial de metais - Lubrificantes y otros productos químicos para el trefilado y tratamiento superficial de los metales - Lubrifiants et autres produits pour le tréfilage et le traitement de surface des métaux - Schmierstoffen und anderen Chemikalien zum Ziehen von Drähten und zur Metall Oberflächenbehandlung spezialisiert hat - смазок и других химических продуктов для волочения и обработки поверхности металлов - Smarów oraz innych chemikaliów do ciągnienia drutu i obróbki powierzchni metalowych


From now on, our new Indian Company will be your exclusive contact for obtaining the original products of Lubrimetal Italy in India and surrounding countries.

LUBRIFIL® Dry drawing lubricants
LUBRIOL® Wet drawing lubricants
FOSFIL® Phosphates for surface treatments
STEELFOR® Lubricant carriers
ENG. DIV. Rotating die holders, Descalers, Spiral brushes

Lubrimetal's well known consistent high quality of production and its unrivaled technical service is now available to all India Customers.

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