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Vercurago, 17 May 2017

Lubrimetal is a chemical company specialising in the production of lubricants and other chemical products for the drawing and surface treatment of metals. The core values under which Lubrimetal works are the RELIABILITY and AVAILABILITY to meet the needs and expectations of all interested parties. In addition, the company is distinguished by its strong TECHNICAL COMPETENCE at the service of its customers.

The company operates under voluntary certification systems for QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH and SAFETY and intends to guide its activities by way of continuous improvement through planning, implementation, control and review. Continuous SWOT analyses by which strengths, weaknesses opportunities and risks can be assessed, is the basis for planning; from this comes a business activity with clearly defined processes, carried out in compliance with guidelines, shared by the entire management, as outlined below.


  • Clearly identifies the needs of the Customer in order to translate them into precise technical requirements and business commitments so as to deliver products that meet these requirements and are able to fully satisfy customers.

  • Is committed to handle with utmost responsibility raw materials, finished products and hazardous waste.

  • Systematically analyses existing and new statutory regulations in order to evaluate their applicability to the company.

  • Is committed to managing changes without reducing the level of attention to the principles of quality, environmental protection and security that characterize the company.

  • Works to improve internal management by identifying and measuring those elements that help highlight areas of improvement and quantify the results of planned actions.

  • Scrupulously monitors the impact of its activities on local pollution (e.g. management and control of potential dust emissions, noise, odours, traffic), taking seriously into consideration the territorial context in which it is placed.

  • Monitors energy and fuel consumption and pledges to increase efficiency in the use of these resources.

  • Promotes equality and equal treatment to prevent discrimination (religious, political, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, social conditions, personal convictions, ethnic origin or race), either during recruitment or during employment.

  • Supports and promotes communication with employees on working conditions and maintains an open dialogue with the workers’ representatives, while also committing to ensuring adequate feedback.

  • Ensures a suitable level of risk prevention in the area of safety, transmits to its employees the guidelines of local and national health authorities and pays special attention to the prevention of occupational diseases.

  • Constantly trains and informs its employees in order to involve them in prevention actions and to encourage proactive involvement in health and safety.

  • Conducts constant training activities so as to prepare to deal with any potential emergencies.

  • Involves suppliers, where appropriate, in improvement projects.

  • Makes its policies available to all interested parties (e.g. customers, suppliers, citizens and competent bodies) and works, as far as possible, taking into account both their needs and expectations.

Lubrimetal’s Management constantly supports the internal activities which enable this Policy to be implemented, empowering staff involved and making all necessary resources available.

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Carlo Corso

QAS Manager
Angelo Corso


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